My creative ideas arise out of countless sources.  These include physical places and the people in those places, emotions that people express and that I experience within myself – as well as heaven-only-knows what invisible realms of my own heart and soul.  When a creative impulse grabs my attention, I have learned, it will lead me on a mysterious path of adventure and exploration.  Predicting the ultimate result is impossible for me; a fool’s exercise in futility!  I surrender to the idea – as well as the creative tools available to me in my computer – and I allow them, together, to guide me to the final image that they want me to reveal.  Silently, sometimes long into the night, I work away on an image.  Perhaps it might also be accurate to say that the creative process works through me to create the image.

The human body fascinates me – its physical characteristics as well as its ability to reveal states of mind.  Photographing people who can openly express their emotions on camera is – for me – one of the most enjoyable aspects of the creative process.

As my relationship with photography and the entire creative world continues to grow, it is my hope that people who see my work will experience some of the excitement and joy that I have felt during the creative process

Jose Alexzander